Madness clothing 10101
Madness' outfit as it appears in the Shop
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Health Unidentified
Level Unknown
Status Killed by Buck Crosshaw
Location Fort Ghost, Arizona

Madness, also known as the Third Herald, is the third Horseman of the Apocalypse that came out in the version 2.7.0. He is located at Fort Ghost, Arizona.

Appearance Edit

  • Madness uses Terror Talons as his main weapon in addition to Sanity's Demise.
  • He has two extra eyes, both are attached to chains On his waist
  • Unlike War and Plague, Madness doesn't wear a hat (but in the War trailer and the icon of the Madness version update, he does). But he vanishes like Plague when he is attacked.

Abilities Edit

Missions he appears in Edit

Going Mad! Edit

Madness tries to drive Fort Ghost's civilians mad with the help of his minions. The player has to defeat the waves of monsters attacking Fort Ghost, then defeat Madness.

Video Edit

Six-Guns - Madness Trailer

Six-Guns - Madness Trailer

Trivia Edit

  • The black field he creates damages 5 constantly and blackens the screen if the player goes past the boundary.
  • Although version 2.7.0 icon shows Madness wearing a hat, he actually doesn't wear one.
  • Madness' minions are identical to the original enemies: Witches and Cultists, except for the Flying Skulls.
  • There is a glitch in which Madness clothes can be had for 1 star each: the Mantle of Madness, Madness Leggings, and Madness Boots. His head, The Mask of Madness can now be glitched for one star as well. Earlier it could only be won through events.
  • When you continuously switch from multiplayer to Madness missions, in between the waves witches will keep on spawning and suddenly Madness will appear with the game informing you that you are now fighting wave 6 or wave 7 (average enemy waves for this mission are limited to 3 or 4).