A magic herb

Magic Herbs is a mission in Socorro Town, Oregon.

The Exorcist tells you to retrieve five magic herbs to reveal the locations of the The Supreme Witch. During the mission you will have to go around Oregon and collect magic herbs. While you're collecting them, you'll fight Nightwalkers, witches and Giant Werewolves. Whenever you cross the bridge in Oregon, there will be a Werewolf and several Nightwalkers attacking you. If you do not travel exactly with the route recommended, this may cause script glitches that may cause witches to infinitely spawn.

Mission description Edit

Collect 5 herbs for the Stranger's elixir to reveal the witches.
Find 5 magical herbs in Oregon.
Kill the ghouls.
Collect the magical herbs near Socorro.
Collect the magical herbs near the tunnel.
Collect the magical herbs near the pond.
Collect the magical herbs near the bridge.
Collect the magical herbs near Freeman's fort.
Bring the magical herbs to the Stranger.
Reveal the Witch
Use the magic elixir on 10 women in Socorro.
Fight the witches.
Talk to the Stranger.
Coin template +285Xp template +275