Malanoche Assault is a mission in Fort Malanoche, Arizona.

As you level up, harder outlaws will take it over. In this mission, the first outlaw comes down the middle flight of stairs while the others come out of the left or right hallways while the other outlaws go on the roof and shoot you from there.

Strategy Edit

For the first few missions, it is easy enough to crouch in front of the first center barrels and shoot your enemies. However, as missions go on and enemies become tougher, this is no longer a good strategy. During the middle rounds, it may be better to choose either the left or right set of crates to hide behind for the majority of the mission. In later levels, this too becomes unfeasible. Charge into the back right corner, shooting enemies as you go. From this area, you should be able to pick off your enemies one or two at a time from the hallway. Make sure you focus on the visible roof enemies who can hit you, ignoring the enemies directly above you who will fire ineffectively.

Mission description Edit

Some bandits have taken Fort Malanoche. You've been asked to take it back.
You cleaned up Fort Malanoche and took out the trash.
50 rounds
Easy to Very Hard
Bandits, Cultists, and Vampire Cowboys.
Kill all the enemies at Fort Malanoche.
Recommended weapons
Rifles and high-damaging weapons.
Round 50: Coin template +945Xp template +865

Trivia Edit

  • If you are at round 20, a Vampire Cowboy will appear with dual Lawmaker Revolvers.
  • If you are at low levels, then there will only be weak outlaws like the Mexican outlaw. If the player is on level 20 or 30, there a majority of top hat outlaws will appear later on. In the nearing end of the mission, Vampire Cowboys will appear in numbers.
  • No matter what level the player is, the first mission always features Mexican Outlaws below their normal health (4 instead of 12).

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