Marked for Death is a storyline mission in Crystal Lake, Oregon. It is unlocked at level 14. You must kill Coward Mark in this mission.

Mission description Edit

The barman said I could find Coward Mark near Crystal Lake. Reckon I better get over there before his crew moves out.
The demons did my job for me when it came to Coward Mark. I hope his friends go down that easy...
2 waves of Bandits and 1 wave against Coward Mark. Regular spawning of Nightwalkers from demon gates and three pairs of Cultist (not hostile).
Demon and Bandits
Medium to Hard
Bandits, Nightwalkers, and Cultists
Follow the outlaw to Coward Mark's hideout.
Go to Crystal Lake.
Stop the bandits.
Defeat Coward Mark.
Destroy the demon gates.
Recommended weapons
Shotguns, Flamethrower, Scythe, Impaler, and Crucificator.
Coin template +440Xp template +420

Trivia Edit

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