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An ancient energy seems to be emanating from the skull. The details of its origins are unknown.
—In-game description

Quest description

An ancient civilization crafted these creepy-looking skulls. If you find enough, maybe you can sell them!
I've got all the skulls! And this is my reward!
Items to collect
7 Mayan Crystal Skulls (Requires 1 inventory slot)
Quest item(s) found in
Find the 7 Mayan Crystal Skulls.
Coin template +250Xp template +75

Mayan Crystal Skull location



Note: A skull that is not shown on this map is located at the West end of the bridge going from Freeman Fort to Lumberjack Woods. It is just to left of the entrance to the tunnel after the bridge near some boulders.

  1. Socorro Town: on the floor of the wooden building with some firewoods;
  2. Camalada's Cemetery: the right graveyard and the left one (view from the entrance);
  3. Camalada's Cemetery: beside another grave;
  4. Pancorbo's Route: near the rectangular stone, in front of Farmer Judd;
  5. Hanging Man Bridge: the left side from the entrance to the cave;
  6. Near Assassins' Creek: in the area of Grizzly Bear's location;
  7. Socorro Town: General Store, in one of the boxes with goods.


  • In real life, these skulls are crafted so well that most inspectors of the skulls claim they are of extraterrestrial origin.

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