Mayhem Gauntlet
Type Handgun
Uses ammo Solar
Damage to
Supernatural Foes
256 HP
Damage to Outlaws 128 HP
Cost 400 Sheriff Stars
First seen [[2.5.0]]
'Make a brutal fashion statement with this gory gauntlet.'
—In-game description

Mayhem Gauntlet is a new handgun that came out in version 2.5.0. It is War's weapon of choice. It costs 400 Sheriff Stars, making it the most expensive Sheriff Stars-based weapon. It uses Solar as ammo.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: Very high, the fire rate does half of the job. 80 HP when not upgraded and 128 HP when fully upgraded. 100% extra damage to Supernatural Foes, which can do up to 256 HP on them, making this weapon extremely effective in single player.
  • Range: Very far.
  • Fire Rate: High like the Light Cannon.
  • Reload: Very quick about 1 second.
  • Ammo: Holds 100 bullets when not upgraded and 200 when fully upgraded.

Trivia Edit

  • At 400 Sheriff Stars it is currently the most expensive star-based weapon in the game.
  • The stats of Mayhem Gauntlet are identical to the Light Cannon, only with a higher damage.
  • In the trailer, the main "barrel" retracts, though it is not shown as an animation in the shop like other weapons.
  • While War uses this weapon, he can shoot bullets in different ways: Laser, Shotgun and Fire balls. But the player can only shoot in Laser mode.
  • Although it shoots Laser similar to Light Cannon, surprisingly it is counted as handgun in Multiplayer.
  • When not being used (not shown in the Shop), its barrel retracts.
  • It previously costed 200 Sheriff Stars before version 2.8.2.
  • Instant kills in Single Player events, it is one of the weapons of choice for Multiplayer in version 2.8.2 due to the nerfing of other weapons.
  • It can be hard to hit moving targets in Multiplayer. A trick to using this weapon is to try to move around, allowing the laser fired to cut through players which will make this weapon pretty deadly. Also, when shooting at someone from a long distance, aiming will help.

Bugs Edit

  • The weapon, once fired, can leave an annoying sound for a whole Multiplayer match despite the player can quit firing or be killed, like the Gatling Annihilator.
  • When hitting moving enemies in Multiplayer with this weapon it often doesn't register damage.