IMG 0629

A Nightwalker preparing to attack

Nightwalkers, also known as Vampire Ghouls or Nosferatu, are the first and most basic demons you will battle. They are quick and damaging, but have very low health and are extremely vunerable. One-on-one they are hardly a threat, but when in a horde they can become a serious problem. Don't get hit from behind by one in the higher levels, as they can do high damage. Be sure to avoid being surrounded by them and use the roll button if you are. They serve mainly as cannon fodder, allowing more powerful units (primarily Witches) to attack you while they distract you. If they are in clusters, they will be easier to kill with a shotgun, due to the scatter of bullets hitting more than one.


Light (2%), heavy in later levels (50%-100%)
Slightly easy
Recommended weapons
Weapons with a damage bonus to demons such as shotguns like the Hand Cannon and Triple-Barrel Terror, the Flamethrower, or the Werewolf Slayer. Dual Guns or guns of that power. The Demon Thrower works as well, due to the fact that it will go through multiple nightwalkers.
Fast (8%)
Usual locations
Cemetery Catacombs, Williamson's Ranch, Fort Ghost, Sister Ingrid's Mine, and Pond Dungeon. During the Professor's mission you will find some Mechanical Vampires, and during the Exorcist's mission you will find them on the road as you head towards your objectives.


  • They may have gotten the name "Nightwalker" from the Hawaiian word for the walking spirits of the dead, Nightmarchers.