Of Claws and Fangs is a storyline mission in Oregon where you will defeat Lone Wolf. This mission will be unlocked at level 22.

Mission description Edit

Lone Wolf is hiding in a house near Sister Ingrid's mine. Find him and kill him.
Not even Lone Wolf's powers could stop me from puttin' him down like an animal. That's all of them. Better go tell the barman.
Medium to hard
Bandits, Lone Wolf, and wolves.
Find Lone Wolf's den.
Track Lone Wolf.
Check for traces of Lone Wolf.
Disarm the traps.
Recommended weapons
Shotguns, Flamethrower, ScytheCrucificator, and high damaging weapons.
Coin template +?Xp template +?

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
82 Digging Deeper Complete "Of Claws and Fangs" to end Chapter Two. The bandits are buried. Now it's time to get to the bottom of all this... FB Digginx96