Plague's outfit as it appears in the Shop.
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Health 500
Level Unknown
Status Killed by Buck Crosshaw
Location Socorro Town, Oregon

Plague, also known as the Second Herald, is the second Horseman of the Apocalypse that came out in version 2.6.0. He is located at Socorro Town, Oregon.


  • Plague uses Contagion Crossbow as his main weapon.
  • He wears a Plague mask, and an outfit that represents suffering and disease.

Missions he appears in

Plague Outbreak

Socorro Town is attacked by Plague and his undead army. The player's mission is to defend Socorro's civilians and defeat Plague and his army.


Six Guns - The Second Herald Trailer

Six Guns - The Second Herald Trailer


  • This boss is known as Conquest or Pestilence in the Holy Bible, instead of Plague, he was supposed to be the first Horseman.
  • His weapon, Contagion Crossbow, just like it is described in the Bible as Conquest.
  • Ironically, he wears a Plague mask, a unique bird-like beak mask used by doctors in the time of the bubonic plague which is commonly known as the Black Death (the 14th century, where over 75-200 million died).
  • He wears all black, with a silver mask and green eyes. He appears to have some rats hanging into his belt, resembling something from the Black Death.
  • Plague holds his Contagion Crossbow around his wrist just like War.
  • The player can't headshot him.
  • The Lady tells you in the mission to "protect the people from a fate worse than death!". Ironically, the Last Herald of the Apocalypse is Death.