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The mission intro

Plague Outbreak is a mission located in Socorro Town, Oregon. In this mission, you will kill Plague and and save the people.

There will be three waves of enemies such as Nightwalkers, Werewolves, including Plague. The enemies in this mission are shining green (that tells they are infected by Plague). You have three areas to secure. At each post there are a few Confederate Soldiers. If all of the Confederate Soldiers are infected and the population hits 0 the mission fails. To secure an infected area, you'll have to go and stand in the area until the Confederate Soldiers stand up again and are no longer infected.

Mission description Edit

The second herald of the apocalypse has arrived -- Plague! Defeat his infected minions and protect the people from a fate worse than death!
Plague is retreating... for now. But he'll be back soon. Be ready.
3 waves
Protect the town of Socorro from the hordes of infected minions.
Defeat Plague!
Recommended weapons
Impaler, Doom Bringers, Hand Dragons, Demon Thrower and Mayhem Gauntlet.
Coin template +435Xp template +290

Video Edit

Six Guns Plague review04:58

Six Guns Plague review

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Trivia Edit

There are three confederate soldiers at every post. The infected night walkers do more damage to you than normal night walkers. Every wave, there are eight night walkers and two werewolves. There are three posts, one behind soccoro's shop, the other is next to the saloon and the third one is by the soccoro race mission.

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