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The exterior view of Prosperidad

Prosperidad is an area that has many destroyed and abandoned buildings, a water tower, many Chicken God Totems, a Confederate Dollar (near the cemetery), an Anti-Vampire Tonic, some Bandit's Map Pieces, and many dreamcatchers. Every time you arrive to this area, three or two foxes will appear to kill you, and there is usually a snake at the road sign. Also, graves in Prosperidad have a 45% chance to spawn Nightwalkers and Werewolves.

Missions and Quests Edit

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
32 Population: Zero Kill 16 civilians at Socorro OR 16 civilians at Prosperidad. This place is a ghost town. FB Population0x96

Trivia Edit

  • The population of this area is same as Socorro Town.
  • While doing the mission 'The World Will End in WAR', this place will be on fire.
  • There are Old Callahan's Seeds and Indian Joe's Prospector Office signs on two buildings, which are abandoned. They may have moved to Socorro Town, where they are seen again.

Gallery Edit

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