Race at Los Arcos is a mission in Los Arcos, Arizona.

Mission description Edit

A couple of fast-talking gamblers have challenged you to a horse race. Part those fools from their money!
Those fellas that challenged you are choking on dust right about now.
50 rounds
Easy, depending on horse
Win the Los Arcos race.
Recommended horses
Black Steam Horse, Mechanical Horse, Standardbred Trotter, Tundra Stallion, Harbinger, Plague Horse, and Maniac Mustang.
Round 50: Coin template +840Xp template +750


There are three racetracks which are distinguished by their length. They rotate each round (short, medium, long, short, etc.). Thus the 50th round has the medium-length route.

Progression of NPC horses:

Round 1 - Azteca Horse
Round 3 - Florida Cracker Horse
Round 6 - American Warmblood
Round ? - Morgan Horse
Round ? - Appaloosa Horse
Round 26 - Spanish Mustang
Round 34 - English Bloodhorse
Round 43 - Standardbred Trotter

Note that players can usually win the first few times a horse a step up from theirs shows up, but within a few rounds, the other riders will start properly optimizing their horse and the player will have to get a better horse at that point. As such, it's possible to complete the final mission with the English Bloodhorse, despite facing a breed that's technically faster.

Turbo Elixirs cannot be used during this mission.