Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Railgun Ammo
Damage 53 HP
Cost 18 Sheriff Stars
A strange weapon that shoots a precise, demonic laser beam.
—In-game description

The Railgun is a weapon that shoots a laser-like beam. It costs 18 Sheriff Stars, making it a relatively cheap weapon. It can also be obtained in the Bronze Lottery.



This weapon uses the Railgun Ammo

  • Damage: Quite powerful. Useful against strong-armored enemies like the White Witch.
  • Range: Can shoot enemies from a far distance away accurately but the shots travel slow, so it's not recommended for moving targets.
  • Fire Rate: Not a very good stat.
  • Reload: Reloads quite fast.
  • Ammo: 35 rounds when fully upgraded.


  • This weapon is used by Vampire Cowboys on later levels of the mission in Fort Ghost.
  • The Railgun is also used by Coward Mark.
  • In the Android trailer, it makes the same sound as a sniper rifle, however, in the iOS trailer, it makes the same sound as a Demon Thrower.
  • Like the Tesla Gun, moving targets are much harder to hit, especially in Multiplayer.
  • It fires a beam, unlike its real life counterpart Railgun, which fires a projectile at supersonic speeds, though this could be because the bullet is going so fast it gives the illusion of a beam.
  • It is decent in Single Player, making this weapon recommended for beginners. Also nice in low-level Multiplayer battles.
  • It is very similar to the Tesla Gun once fully upgraded.