Rumor says it was built by Hell's own armory. But that's just a rumor...
—In-game desciption

The Railgun DCLXVI is a rifle that was released in version 2.3.0 and costs 160 Sheriff Stars. It fires red bursts at a high speed. It has the some similarities to its likely predecessor, the Railgun, but has a better rate of fire, speed and damage.

Statistics Edit


This weapon uses the Hellfire

  • Damage: Quite strong, as it takes 120 HP normal hit and 180 HP critical hit when fully upgraded.
  • Range: Perfect for a rifle-based weapon. However, the accuracy decreases when firing at targets from long range.
  • Fire Rate: Very fast, much better then the ordinary Railgun.
  • Reload: Pretty good.
  • Ammo: Only 10 bullets when fully upgraded but has a good fire rate precision.

Trivia Edit

  • The value of the DCLXVI is often associated to the Devil or known as the "Mark of the Beast", 666.
  • The shots travel slowly, so it's hard to hit moving targets. But the fire rate kind of fixes it in close quarter combats.
  • Its accuracy decreases slightly at long range.
  • Even though the description of its ammo says this weapon cuts through both supernatural bodies and natural bodies, this weapon does not have a damage bonus to outlaws or demons.
  • Even though it is a rifle, it fires from the hip like a shotgun when standing still.

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