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Revenge Served Hot is a storyline mission located in Prosperidad, Arizona.

Mission description Edit

Looks like those bandits just can't leave well enough alone. I shoulda made sure they were all taken care of the first time around. Sure hope the lady offers me a drink for all my trouble...
The law around these parts is almost nonexistent. If I'm gonna keep this lady safe, I'm gonna need to find some outside help...
Bandits and Cultists.
Fight the outlaws.
Rescue the damsel.
Put out the fire.
Recommended weapons
Rusty Gun, as this the only gun you have to this point.
Coin template +150Xp template +150

Trivia Edit

  • The horse shot out from under you in the beginning of the mission is an American Warmblood, regardless of what kind of horse you actually have.

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