Sanity's Demise
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Type Handgun
Uses ammo Mindripper
Damage 225 HP
Cost 325 Sheriff Stars
Rip your enemies' sanity (and bodies!) to shreds with this devilish device.
—In-game description

Sanity's Demise is a handgun that came out in version 2.7.0. It is Madness' weapon of choice. It costs 325 Sheriff Stars, making it the third most expensive star-based weapon.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: Very high. Enough to kill a Giant Werewolf in three shots. About 225 HP on full upgrade, although it varies depending on how much armour the victim has. Does 337 HP on a headshot and that's on a tophat outlaw, again depending on the victim's armor.
  • Range: Very far. Same as the Gatling Annihilator.
  • Fire Rate: Low. About the same as the Demon Thrower.
  • Reload: Very fast.
  • Ammo: Ammo capacity is medium. Basically a 6-shot weapon, holds 10 on a full upgrade.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the fact that Sanity's Demise is Madness' main weapon, Madness mostly uses Terror Talons – his melee weapon. Though he attacks the civilians using Sanity's Demise too.
  • It's ammo the Mindrippers have tracking ability. White puffs of smoke trail it.
  • Once aimed, the Mindrippers upon firing can go through walls to home-in on the target, just like the Hand of Kisin's Death Charges.
  • Unless fired at point blank range, Mindrippers never go straight to its target, making a beeline to its target at range and going past the target before circling around for a hit at closer ranges, making for slow hits compounding the weapon's already slow fire rate.
  • When auto aimed it's target glows a faint red just like the Demon Thrower another disk-based homing weapon albeit in rifle form.
  • As of version 2.8.2, this weapon along with the rest of the Madness set can be won in the Lottery.
  • This weapon has the best tracking ability.
  • It's very effective in killing Gargoyles, if you shoot a Gargoyle from front or from far away, the mindrippers will go around the Gargoyle and will hit it in it's back, destroying it.