Short-range shotgun with very high firepower. Bonus against Supernatural foes.
—In-game description

The Sawed-Off Shotgun, also known as Sawn-Off Shotgun and Short-Barreled Shotgun, is a type of shotgun with a shorter gun barrel and often a shorter or absent stock.

It can either be obtained through the shop by purchasing for 13 Sheriff Stars or winning it at the shooting lottery. It also requires Shotgun Ammo which can be purchased at 50 shells for a price of 65 coins and can also be obtained by opening a chest.



Shotgun Ammo is used by this weapon

  • Damage: About half of the whole damage bar. Bonus 25% damage against supernatural foes.
  • Range: As a shotgun, this is the worst stat. This was increased in an update.
  • Fire Rate: The second worst stat to say the least.
  • Reload: The second best stat, reloads at a good speed.
  • Ammo: It says the ammo capacity is quite good, but it doesn't hold as much as expected. Though you get more than 1 shot.


  • This weapon is also used by top hat wearing bandits. They carry 2 of them around, and can do about 20 damage with each shot.
  • Buying this weapon would not be very smart as the same amount of cash could be used to fully upgrade a Demon Thrower or Flak Cannon.
  • In reality, this weapon is illegal in many countries due to having a wider pellet spread and the ability to be effectively concealed.
    • Not only that but due to the wider pellet spread, the shotgun would actually become weaker as a result of the inaccuracy.
  • This is based off of the Lupara double-barreled shotgun.