Shooting Gallery is a mission in Oregon in lumberjack woods

Mission description Edit

A local gambler's been shootin' his mouth off 'bout you. When someone shoots their mouth about MY shootin', I challenge 'em to a shoot off!
That looked easy from over here! That gambler should've thought twice before betting against you!
20 rounds
Very easy to very difficult, depending on your controls.
Shoot the targets!
Recommended weapons
Pistols, fast firing weapons, and explosives.
Round 20: Coin template +425Xp template +500

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes after you complete the 11th round in this mission the red circle disappears and this mission cannot be played. This bug has been fixed.
  • You often get the rewards twice for completing one round.


  • As you progress, the music playing will become more intense and the number of instruments currently playing will increase. The most intense form will be a fortissimo. However, it will remain as it's current state if you were to pause the game.

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