The Flak Cannon bandit


The Canyon


The Flak Cannon thrown at the gate

Showdown in the Canyon is a storyline mission. It is unlocked at level 28.

Buck Crosshaw follows the bandit on a raft to a canyon (which is in-game called "Outlaw Camp"). Then while behind the bandit, he knocks him out. A few bandits below Buck talk about mountain lions and an ancient god, but one of the bandits notices Buck. Then the bandits attack him. He fights his way through the bandits and gets to the other side of the canyon. When Buck reaches the windmill, an explosion stops him. Then Bucks spots a top hat bandit with a Flak Cannon. Buck is supposed to shoot the side of the windmill to knock off the bandit (this part is in slow motion). After that, Buck walks over to the unconscious bandit and demands where the barman is. The bandit tells him he was hiding in the mine. Buck then takes the bandit's Flak Cannon and runs to the mine. There is a certain time limit. If the time limit is reached, the mission will fail. Note that some areas are blocked. When Buck reaches the mine, he throws the cannon at the mine, causing it to blow up. Then Buck yells in to the mine for the barman to hear.

Mission description Edit

The Barman's somewhere downriver. He'll throw everything he's got at me, but it won't matter. I'll take him down or die trying.
The Barman's gang is off to see its forefathers. Ain't no one gonna shed a tear for them.
Mexican Bandits, highwayman bandits, top hat bandits, and Cultists.
Give 'em Hell.
Run to the mine.
Recommended weapons
Longshot Repeater 1887, Demon Thrower, and any special weapon.
Coin template +975Xp template +950

Trivia Edit

  • If you switch to a different weapon (i.e. Demon Thrower, etc.) before you reach the end of the bridge, the Flak Cannon will still be equipped afterwards.
  • This is an exact copy of the multiplayer map but with some areas blocked with crates.
  • This mission is quite decent at coin farming, as you can kill all the enemies, then quit the mission. You can keep on repeating the mission and get more and more coins.
  • If you are not able to shoot the wood piece near the outlaw with the Flak Cannon at the end, try rolling and then shoot the wooden piece with The Equalizer.

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