Sliding is a method to glitch through the walls on Multiplayer. All maps have lots of different locations to slide into a wall. Sliding gives the player the advantage of shooting opponents while in a protected area (the wall), opponents can't attack the player, as their bullets will just hit the wall.

Sliding is risky as if a player is halfway through the wall and gets stunned by explosives. They will get stuck on the edge of the wall and makes them very vulnerable. If players are lucky, they can still roll (dodge button) out of the wall.

Most important point of sliding is to slide deep enough. Players who slide only a few feet can be killed with explosive AOEs. Deep sliding basically means getting out of the world. It can provide invulnerability to explosives and bullets but disables the player to move. Once out of the world, players can't roll out. Some insides of a wall are walk-able which allows players to walk on the edges of the walls and get deeper into the wall.

How to Edit

These are a few steps that will teach you the way of sliding.

Method #1 - Kneel Sliding (RECOMMENDED) Edit

This method is very common and easy, but not very reliable.

  1. Find a barricade where you can kneel down.
  2. While kneeling down, keep tapping the aim button while constantly switching weapons.
  3. Notice that the player gets up to aim, moving to a random direction and kneeling down again after switching weapons.
  4. Keep doing this and the player will slowly move out of the barricade and towards that certain direction while kneeling down.
  5. Be sure that the player is moving towards the wall that you want to slide into.

Method #2 - Stand Sliding (RECOMMENDED) Edit


To the left or right before the blue flag


The house that can be rolled into


Successfully enter the house


Failed. Rolled into a small alley that is very vulnerable

This method is also easy to do and reliable.

  1. Find a tall barricade or wall.
  2. Hide behind it and move either left or right where you can shoot.
  3. From here, do the same thing as mention on Method 1. You will switch weapons and aim at the same time, causing you to move to a certain direction.
  4. This step is applied as the same steps on Method 1.

Method #3 - Special Glitches (RARE TO FIND, NOT RECOMMENDED) Edit

For this method to work, find a wall or barricade and just move towards the wall beside you.

  1. Find a wall that you can just move into via a nearby object (most noticeable in the Necropolis glitch that is the tunnel leading from the blue base to the main arena).
  2. Roll into a glitchy corner (most noticeable in the Canyon glitch that are 2 specific house in the town).

Method #4 - Explosives Edit

  1. Any further cheating is censored. Sorry :(

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