Socorro Race is a mission in Socorro Town, Oregon. The mission is a horse race, with a route around Oregon.

Mission description Edit

A bucktoothed yahoo named Buck McCombs challenged you to a race in Socorro.
You taught those Socorro boys a thing or two about what winning looks like.
15 rounds
Easy to hard, depending on horse
Win the Socorro Race.
Recommended horses
Spanish Mustang.
Round 15: Coin template +750Xp template +675


At first, the route is just the loop around Socorro Town. Starting in the sixth round, instead of turning right at Crystal Lake, the track incorporates a loop in the Guttermouth Gulch/Pond Dungeon area before returning to town (it's basically a stretched out figure-eight). In round 11, the route turns left after Blind Canyon and heads up past Assassins' Creek and on towards Freeman Fort and through Dead Oak Forest to get back to town.

Progression of NPC horses:

Round 1 - Florida Cracker Horse
Round 2 - American Warmblood
Round 4 - Morgan Horse
Round 6 - Appaloosa Horse
Round 11 - English Bloodhorse

Note that players can usually win the first few times a horse a step up from theirs shows up, but within a few rounds, the other riders will start properly optimizing their horse and the player will have to get a better horse at that point. It's possible to win the final round with a Spanish Mustang, even though the competition technically has a faster breed.

Turbo Elixirs cannot be used during this mission.

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