Lay your enemies to rest on a bed of nails.
—In-game description

The Spike Spinner is basically a "revolver-like-nailgun" which came in version 2.3.0, unlocked at level 20, and can be purchased for 96,000 coins. It fires just like a nailgun but only with huge railroad spikes. It's a modified revolver that has a bigger cylinder, making it able to fire its spikes. It also impales your enemies onto the walls like the Impaler.

This can be alternatively obtained by inviting 6 friends by having them enter your Friend Code in the start of the game (account is new), then they must reach level 12 to have a successful invite.

Statistics Edit


This weapon uses the Railroad Spikes

  • Damage: Each shot can deal up to 48 HP damage.
  • Range: Most suitable for mid-range combat.
  • Fire Rate: Very fast. Just like a nailgun.
  • Reload: Pretty fast.
  • Ammo: Can store up to 42 railroad spikes.

Trivia Edit

  • Its cylinder is always spinning, presumably because of its rate of fire.
  • The rate of fire of this weapon is so fast, it even beats the power of it's recoil, and because of this, the weapons looks like no recoil weapon.
  • Like the Tesla Gun, it is bad at hitting moving targets.
  • If there is no wall behind an enemy, he/she/it will fly backwards. Same with the Impaler.
  • Aiming and pressing the fire button as fast as you can is faster than if you hold it down.

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