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Chasing Hurricane Matt in Devil's Garden. Note that dynamites are on the road

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Chasing Hurricane Matt near Outlaw Camp

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Finished the mission

Storm Chaser is a storyline mission in Arizona. It is unlocked at level 20. You will kill Hurricane Matt in this mission.

You are supposed to chase Hurricane Matt from the Train Station all the way to Los Arcos. Be careful, as there is dynamite sticks on your path. Note that the dynamite is a 1 hit KO. On your way you will be attacked by bandits. You will also have 5 minutes to chase down Hurricane Matt, then you will kill him at Los Arcos.

Mission description Edit

Hurricane Matt was seen near the Arizona train station. Find and kill him.
These maniacs can try and hide from me, but there's nowhere on Earth I won't find them. Only one outlaw left.
Get to the train station.
Chase down Hurricane Matt!
Kill Hurricane Matt.
Recommended weapons
Scythe, Impaler, Boiler Blasters, Flak Cannon, Longshot Repeater 1887, Demon Thrower, and Crucificator.
Coin template +850Xp template +825

Tips Edit

  • Go within a few feet of the dynamite, and it will explode. Note that the explosion does not reach you.
  • Stay away from the bandits on your way or they will kill you no matter how much health you have.

Trivia Edit

  • The explosion of the dynamite is similar to the explosion caused by a Flak Cannon, but smaller.
  • The dynamite can explode even when you shoot it.