Terror Talons
Type Melee
Uses ammo Doesn't use ammo
Damage 224 HP
Cost Coin template 200,000
First seen 2.7.0
Rip the rationality from your enemies with these terrible talons.
—In-game description

Terror Talons is a melee weapon. It is the Madness' melee weapon. It costs 200,000 coins; making it the only coin-based melee weapon. It consists of a pair of claw which can be attached to a hand; more likely a glove.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: This weapon does a great damage; can be compared with The Mutilator. It does 224 HP damage when fully upgraded and 80 HP when not upgraded.

Trivia Edit

  • This has the same stance and chain of attack as Hellraisers.
  • Momentarily stuns opponents in place when its hits register allowing for multiple hits.
  • During Going Mad! mission, Madness appears holding this weapon not Sanity's Demise – his main weapon.
  • If you rapidly tap the shoot button, you will swipe left, slash right, then finish with a jump attack.
  • It's a good weapon to deal with The Professor and his Mechanical Nightwalkers does 22-24 HP damage to them. The good thing about it is that you can kill a Witch in the air or a Gargoyle, but you can't do so with Scythe.
  • You can't attack/hit the fire button when you are using this whilst riding a horse.
  • This weapon was probably inspired by Freddy Krueger's bladed glove, the main antagonist on A Nightmare on Elm Street film. It could of also been based by Wolverine's claws.

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes the claws don't open. But still the player can use it.
  • When you die with these, the character will remain standing at the standard sheathed pose. Because of this, the player cannot fast forward the death tip.

Gallery Edit

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