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The Desecrator
Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Soul Spheres
Damage 37 HP
Cost 150 Sheriff Stars
First seen 2.2.0
Unleash pure hell from its three barrels.
—In-game description

The Desecrator is a special triple-barreled, napalm-firing weapon. It costs 150 Sheriff Stars. It fires napalm-like projectiles that spread out and move in an big arc, making it's accuracy and effective range very unreliable. It has a very small ammo clip but each shot deals massive damage.

Statistics Edit


This weapon uses the Soul Spheres

  • Damage: Very deadly when up close. Scatters pellets that deal around 37 HP damage when fully upgraded.
  • Range: It shoots in an arc like the Crucificator, making the range quite bad.
  • Fire Rate: Slow but deadly nonetheless.
  • Reload: Fast, the second best stat of this weapon.
  • Ammo: Horrible, only holds one Soul Sphere, despite having three barrels.

Trivia Edit

  • It was predicted to be a triple-barreled Flak Cannon in its sneak peek.
  • The Soul Spheres resemble the stereotypical modern grenade.
  • The word "Desecrate" is the antonym of "Consecrate".
  • In version 2.4.0, its damage, rate of fire, and ammo stats have been slightly decreased.

Gallery Edit

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