The Devil
The Devil's appearance
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Demon
Health Unidentified
Level Unknown
Status Killed by the Exorcist's soul
Location Buck's mind

The Devil is the final boss set in Six Guns. He only appears once.

Appearance Edit

  • He appears as Buck Crosshaw, he wears an outfit that is similar to the Common Colthing, but it's more bloody, reflecting the dark side of Buck Crosshaw.
  • He uses Rusty Gun as his main weapon, along with Spheres.

Missions he appears in Edit

La Grande Finale, Part 2 Edit

After defeating Buck's wife (which was revealed to be a Witch), Buck enters his own mind to fight the Devil. Crosshaw tries to shoot Devil but his bullets reflects, as he "can't defeat darkness with darkness". With help of the Exorcist's soul, he manages to kill Devil and escape the mine.

Trivia Edit

  • The Devil wears the Common clothing set but the clothes are very bloody, making them appear to be like Accursed Clothing set.
  • The Rusty Gun Devil uses is more powerful than Buck's.
  • The Devil's boss fight differs from other boss fights; using guns affects the player not the Devil. That's what the Exorcist tried to explain to Buck by saying: "You can't fight darkness with darkness".
  • This is one of the easiest Storyline mission in which all you have to do is run and hide behind the Exorcist.

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