The Following is a storyline mission in Arizona. It is unlocked at level 26.

You will head to Train Station in Arizona and you will find Bandits going to shoot a lady, then you will shoot the Bandits but your weapon will automatically change into Rusty Gun, although you can change, then you must kill the Bandits very quickly otherwise they will kill the Lady and you will fail the mission. And such will in Devil's Garden, at the end of Devil's Garden and in Abandoned Train. Then you will go to the end of the train and you will see Barman going through river by a raft.

Mission description Edit

The Barman played me like a fiddle. He may have taken me for a fool, but I'll take my revenge...
One of the bandits escaped. But I followed him.
Track the bandits.
Free the prisoners.
Shoot the bandit.
Recommended weapons
Consecrator, Longshot Repeater 1887, and any kind of weapon having high damage and doesn't have splash damage.
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