The Leveler
Type Handgun
Uses ammo Sniper Ammo
Damage 40-50 HP
Cost USD $9.99
Delivers death to demons with a squeeze of a trigger.
—In-game description

Leveler is a revolver that came in version 2.4.0. It uses Sniper Ammo. It costs USD $9.99.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: Moderately high. The highest of all of the revolvers. Does around 70-80 Damage when fully (double damage to supernatural foes)
  • Range: Very low, comparable to most shotguns.
  • Fire Rate: Low, reasonable for a magnum-type revolver.
  • Reload: Moderate, but not very fast for a revolver.
  • Ammo: Decent, 20 rounds when fully upgraded.

Trivia Edit

  • The first and the only gun which Gameloft has released that requires actual money to purchase.
  • When in a promotion, it is renamed as "Special Leveler".
  • It is a recommended gun to buy for beginners, as if you have your progress reset, you can get this gun back.
  • Although it uses Sniper Ammo it has a very short range.
    • What they look like is the likely cause it uses Sniper Ammo. Leveler looks more like a Sniper Gun without the scope rather than a revolver.

Gallery Edit