The Mutilator
Type Melee
Uses ammo Doesn't use ammo
Damage 485 HP
Cost 120 Sheriff Stars
Make a mess of your enemies with this nasty chainsaw.
—In-game description

The Mutilator is a melee weapon that came out in version 2.5.0 (War update). It is a chainsaw with lava and fire on it. Though it is presumably War's melee weapon of choice, it is nowhere to be seen in his boss battle. It costs 120 Sheriff Stars.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: The damage is very high, can do up to 485 HP and higher than 538 HP on outlaws, higher than the Hellraisers, even higher than the Scythe, it actually has the highest damage bar in Single Player, but maybe not in Multiplayer.

Trivia Edit

  • If you hold down the attack button, you will execute an upwards strike, then lunge and stab and finish it off with an overhead strike.
  • Sparks fly off objects when you use this weapon.
  • The only melee weapon that has a damage bonus (+19% on outlaws).
  • This weapon is one of two weapons able to toss enemies around while either charging or lungestabbing in both Single Player and Multiplayer. The other weapon to have this effect is the Crucificator in Single Player.
  • It may have been nerfed after its debut.
  • This is a melee weapon, so it only has the damage bar. However, this weapon seems to have the highest rate of fire among all weapon, it does continuous and high damage really fast as long as the blade is still cutting the target, probably due to the fact that this weapon is a chainsaw. That makes this weapon extremely deadly at close range.
  • Simply the best melee weapon to date with its combination of high damage and multiple-hit capability even though it takes some mastery to use it.
  • One good thing about it is that You can hit Witches or Gargoyles with it. Whilst with other melee weapons except the Terror Talons, it's hard to hit witches.

Bugs Edit

  • There are many glitches with this weapon. For example, when drawn, if you go to a Road Sign, the blade goes through your legs. Or, when the player attacks from cover it appears that he is cutting himself.
  • Upon killing an enemy or being killed by this in Multiplayer, the victim's body might sometimes glitch and get stuck in the air (see Gallery).
  • Attacking with this weapon continuously makes the chainsaw sound effects go on if you stay on the same map.

Gallery Edit