War as seen in the mission


Prosperidad on fire

The World Will End in WAR is a mini-boss mission which is in Arizona. In this mission, you must defeat War.

At first, he will set fire on Prosperidad, then he will come towards you with his Harbinger. Then with his Mayhem Gauntlet, War can unleash various deadly attacks.

The first one is his laser, which is probably his most deadly weapon. He uses this regularly on later fights against him.

The second one is his shotgun, where he unleashes three projectiles similar to the Hand of Kisin's. This attack is easily dodged and is not much of a threat.

His last attack is his homing attack. This attack is very similar to what the Hand Of Kisin does, but the projectiles are much slower and much less damage.

He does not have that much health, but he teleports, so using a homing weapon like the Demon Thrower is recommended because it will follow him. Or you can use any homing weapons.

Mission description Edit

The first herald of apocalypse is here -- WAR! If you can't stop him, our whole world will end in flame...
War is beaten back for now, but he'll return soon. Be ready.
50 rounds
Medium to very hard (still depends upon your weapon and your skill)
Find War on the map and defeat him before he consumes the whole world.
Defeat War!
Recommended Weapons
Hand of Kisin, Flak Cannon (in early rounds), Swarm Gun, Crucificator, Light Cannon, and other weapons with homing ability and/or high damage.

Trivia Edit

  • After mission 40, War only uses the laser from his Mayhem Gauntlet.
  • The first week you were able to get his hat for free after beating him 30 times. The second week was a Silver Triple-Barrel Terror and the third week has a silver Consecrator.