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They Came from Malanoche! is a storyline mission at Fort Malanoche. It is unlocked at level 10.

Buck Crosshaw goes to Fort Malanoche where he will fight the Grave Robber and his men. There will be 3 waves of Bandits.

After each wave, the grave robber throws a stick of dynamite at you, and you must throw it back to destroy his cover. After three dynamite sticks, he will fall from his perch and is vulnerable to your attacks. From there, keep shooting him until he is partially dead.

Then Buck askes the dying Grave Robber about his wife's body, and he tells that he had been paid by the Barman at Socorro Town to get the Buck's wife's body.

Then the mission ends, and you get "Malanoche Mayhem" achievement.

Mission description Edit

One of 'em galloped away, with the dishonored remains of my wife in a sack. Lookin' around, I found a clue: The handle of one of their guns bears a Fort Malanoche engraving... Time to make my way there...
I've made it to Fort Malanoche. Seems a band of brigands has taken up residence here...
Mexican Bandits and a Top Hat Bandit with Gatling Annihilator.
Go to Fort Malanoche.
Look at the corpse.
Throw the dynamite back.
Recommended weapons
Longshot Repeater 1887, Dual Guns, and any weapon with damage bonus to Outlaws or Fast Firing Weapons.
Coin template +300Xp template +280

Achievements Edit

No. Name Description Outro Icon
81 Malanoche Mayhem Complete "They Came from Malanoche!" to end Chapter One. The men who took your wife's body can run, but now they can't hide from your gun... FB Mallanochemx96

Trivia Edit

  • The Gatling Annihilator ammo is infinite and can shoot through the wall even if you're hiding behind the walls though.

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