• Does any one know why when I play multiplayer I do not have all my weapons? In reqular gameplay I have the standard guns. I also have the revolver sniper, railgun, mayhem gauntlet, flare gun, Boiler Blasters, etc.. But when I play multiplayer all I get is shotgun, revolver sniper, railgun and mayhem gauntlet.

    Anybody know why this is. I would Like to use all my guns in multiplayer.

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    • Go to the shop and equip it manually, but you might die in the process tho...

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    • In multiplayer, you can only equip one of each type of weapon. Meaning if you bought the Flare Gun & the Mayhem Gauntlet, you will spawn in Multiplayer with either one of those.

      You can only change your weapon when in battle via Shop. Sometimes the shop has somthing we call a Cycle, the shop would only display most of the weapons but not all of them, which means sometimes some weapons you owned would not be on display.

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    • Thanks

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    • A FANDOM user
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