A concentrated ball of pestilence just waiting to be unleashed.
—In-game description

The Toxic Grenade is an explosive introduced in version 2.6.0. It costs 3 Sheriff Stars for 10 grenades.

It is a grenade. Once thrown, it has a one second countdown before it blows up. The radius of the grenade is small, but compensates with the high damage.

Statistics Edit

  • Damage: High. It does more than 150 HP damage.
  • Range: Low, as it is thrown in an arc. To increase the range, throw it at a higher angle, but this in ineffective as the grenade may detonate in the air before it reaches your target.

Trivia Edit

  • The blast radius is smaller than most explosive weapons, with the exception of the Hand of Kisin.
  • This resembles the M84 Stun Grenade.

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