Triple-Barrel Terror
Type Shotgun
Uses ammo Shotgun Ammo
Damage 13 HP
Cost 28 Sheriff Stars
One is fun, but three is better. Level your enemies with this psycho shotgun!
—In-game description

The Triple-Barrel Terror is a shotgun. It can be purchased for 28 Sheriff Stars.


  • Damage: The best stat of it. The gun with the third largest damage upgrade, and can double its damage when fully upgraded. Does about 6.7 damage per shot when stock and 13.3 when fully upgraded, with 40% boost against supernatural foes, 19% for the Golden/Silver variant and can kill a Giant Werewolf within 4 or 5 shots. Also somewhat effective on Mechanical Nightwalkers.
  • Range: Not good, like all shotguns but equals the Hand Cannon in Multiplayer.
  • Fire Rate: Enough. When fully upgraded, it can be extremely fast.
  • Reload: A decent stat.
  • Ammo: It uses Shotgun Ammo, 8 rounds when fully upgraded. Same amount as the Hand Cannon when fully upgraded.


  • The bayonet on its front is unusable, even thought it looks like a secondary melee weapon.
  • It is assumed that this is a self-created weapon, with what looks like rope and a bayonet stuck on the front.
  • The damage is reduced in Multiplayer, but the range is increased.
  • The stock has an unusual shape.
  • In version 2.0.0 and 2.9.0, this is the gun carried by the cowboy wearing the Duelist outfit in the loading screen who seems to be the helper of the other cowboy.
  • One of the four gold weapons.
  • This was the first silver weapon, along with the Silver Consecrator, both of once only obtainable in the War event, but now the player can obtain the silver version of this weapon by activating bronze VIP system and getting killed by a player with it in multiplayer.
  • A normal Triple-barrel Terror gives you 40% extra damage against Supernatural Foes, but Silver Triple-barrel Terror gives only 19% extra damage against Supernatural foes, so it seems to be worse. However the Gold Triple-Barrel Terror gives you 19% bonus to outlaws.
  • This may be based off of an existing Triple-Barrel shotgun made by Chiappa.