Vampire Cowboy
Vampire Cowboy in the trailer
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Vampire
Faction Unknown
Health Differs depending on missions difficulty
Level Differs depending on missions difficulty
Status Alive
Location Cemetery Catacombs, Arizona - Fort Ghost, Arizona - Assassins' Creek, Oregon...
Embrace the darkness!
—Vampire Cowboy

You can't kill me. I'm already dead.
—Vampire Cowboy

Don't fight the shadows!
—Vampire Cowboy

Your soul is mine!
—Vampire Cowboy

No one lives forever Cowboy, nobody but us!
—Vampire Cowboy

Vampire Cowboys are Outlaws that have turned into vampires. They still have the ability to carry weapons which can be used by Outlaws such as the Lawmaker Revolver, and hold one in each hand in the case of handguns.

Appearance Edit

  • Vampire Cowboys wear two different kinds of Outlaw outfits.
  • Vampire Cowboys hold several kinds of weapons e.g. Lawmaker Revolver. The taller a vampire gets, the more ability to carry strong weapons he gains like being able to carry a Longshot Repeater 1887 or a Railgun.

Abilities Edit

  • Vampire Cowboys can teleport by turning into a swarm of bats. This ability enables him to dodge the player's attacks while being in the form of bats.

Missions he appears in Edit

Fort Ghost Edit

Buck Crosshaw and the Guards of Fort Ghost are defending the incoming attacks by the waves of enemies. A Vampire Cowboy appears as a boss in one wave.

Malanoche Assault Edit

In a certain mission of Malanoche Assault, the player has to take down a Vampire Cowboy with two Lawmaker Revolvers.

Save the Princess Edit

Buck goes to Assassins' Creek to rescue a lady. In the higher missions, Vampire Cowboys will appear and attack the player.

Trivia Edit

  • When he fires his rifle, it makes the sound of a pistol. This is unknown why.
  • His voice is the same as the Professor.
  • If you throw a grenade at him and if he dies, the swarm of bats are seen still.
  • There is a funny side in Vampire cowboy's AI. when there are many vampire cowboys firing at you and suddenly in the crossfire, if one of them gets shot up by his own kind, he will temporarily leave you and will start to fight with his own kind.

Gallery Edit