Werewolf in Fort Ghost

IMG 0411

Werewolf in Sister Ingrid's Mine

The Werewolf is one of the most deadly enemies, right under the Giant Werewolf, the Arch-Witch, and The Professor. Its attacks can take out most (if not all of) your health. It will charge at you and won't stop until it hits something or is shot. Any enemies it hits along the way will fall over (including you). It has two weaknesses: after losing half of its health every weapon (including your fists) will stun it with every single hit, making it unable to attack as long as it is getting shot at (or punched if you have the time to spare) and it constantly gets stuck in tight places making it easy to kill.

Statistics Edit

Heavy (70%-100%)
Recommended weapons
Shotguns, special weapons, and high damaging weapons.
Fast (8%)
Usual Locations
Prosperidad (only when you're currently in mission Reward); Sister Ingrid's Mine, Fort Ghost, and Freeman Fort (in much later stages); outside Sister Ingrid's Mine (only while currently in mission Of Claws and Fangs); and in Socorro Town (only when you are doing Magic Herbs and Plague Outbreak missions).