Big silver-firing rifle. Perfect for werewolf hunters.
—In-game description

Werewolf slayer

Werewolf Slayer is a sniper rifle in Six Guns. It can be obtained by purchasing it in the shop for 120 stars. It uses the Werewolf Slayer Ammo which can be purchased at 80 rounds for 100 coins.



This weapon uses the Werewolf Slayer Ammo

  • Damage: Pretty bad for a weapon this expensive. Only 36 in singleplayer. If you are planning on fighting bandits, the other snipers would be a better purchase than this. Bonus 65% damage to supernatural foes, which makes it an excellent weapon against them. In multiplayer this stat is increased to more than half the bar.
  • Range: Excellent, more than the Revolver Sniper Rifle or Sniper Gun.
  • Fire Rate: The worst stat of this gun. Though when fully upgraded it shoots at a fair rate.
  • Reload: Decent stat.
  • Ammo: Not much. Only 3 bullets when not upgraded and 12 when fully upgraded.


  • It has a higher damage in multiplayer than any other sniper rifle.
  • It is the only sniper rifle to have a damage bonus to supernatural foes.
  • The only sniper rifle that has silver scope when zooming in.
  • It appears to be a breach-loading break-action rifle, but somehow it can hold 3 or more cartridges at a time, depending on whether or not you upgraded the rifle's capacity.