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Keep in mind the symbols on your map that shows you to find the animals. Each animal will make their own unique noises when you are near them. Also, rolling around large structures tends to spawn animals. Some spawns are semi-permanent, so will remain dead for awhile after you kill them even if you leave the location.

Animals that are labeled "aggressive" in the following table will attack you. "Provoked" means weapons being fired in the area (either by you or NPCs), pointed a gun at them, or even another animal attacking you.

Image Name State(s) Notes & Locations Aggressive?
Armadillo Armadillo Arizona Whole Nine Elders, Abandoned Train area, Train Station, northwest of Fort Malanoche and near Doctor Rickets. They are also seen scattered around Arizona.
Bear3 Bear Oregon The area downhill of Assassins' Creek exclusively. Will always spawn in the spot with the bear icon, but also occasionally spawns in the boar-marked clearing next to it. Yes



Arizona Very rare. They are also needed for the achievement "Top of The Food Chain."
Beaver Beaver Oregon Crystal Lake and outside the entrance to Child's Meadow. They can also be found near the area under the bridge in Oregon.
Boar Boar Both Some semi-permanent spawns in the clearing with the Boar icon on the Oregon map. They can be found at Pancorbo's Route, path from Freeman Fort to the bridge, between the bridge and the cave tunnel, Dead Oak Forest, clearings under the bridge where the bandits halt. Also spawn at the large clearing just north of Williamson Ranch and near Train Station. Boars are most commonly found in the clearing downhill of Assassins' Creek. Only if provoked
Buffalo Buffalo Both 2 semi-permanents at Pancorbo's Route, Dead Oak Forest (less common) Aspa Hill, south of Abandoned Train, at Las Brujas Cottage and scattered around Arizona and Oregon. 4 semi-permanents at Aspa Hill.
Chicken Chicken Both Rarely scattered in Oregon and behind the General Store at Socorro Town, large clearing just north of Williamson's Ranch, one semi-permanent fenced in Williamson Ranch, one semi-permanent fenced in Prosperidad (make sure you shoot it while it's by the fence, otherwise you won't be able to retrieve the meat!), three semi-permanents inside the Abandoned Train. Chicken have a base health of 3HP.
Coyote Coyote Arizona Abandoned Train, Nine Elders, Los Arcos, Fort Ghost area, Las Brujas Cottage, and near Aspa Hill. 4 semi-permanents near the rock formation in the Red Plains Desert Only if provoked
The Crow in Arizona Crow Both Northwest corner of Socorro Town, scattered around. Sister Ingrid's Mine. Train Station. Remember to look up - they can also be in the sky. When on the ground, they will fly if startled; best to shoot from a distance or approach slowly. Very often directly on a path (which means players often come up on them too fast and they spook and fly away). A sniper weapon works best for getting them while in the air.
Fox Fox Both Near Socorro Town, Aspa Hill,  Las Brujas Cottage, Freeman Fort (and the path from there to the bridge), grassy area between the bridge and the cave tunnel, outside the entrance to Child's Meadow, and scattered around. Two semi-permanents in the large clearing north of Williamson Ranch. They are often found where sheep are; they can scare the sheep and kill them. If you have a current mission that requires sheep, you can still loot the sheep after a fox has killed it. Only if provoked
Jaguar Jaguar Arizona Gullet of Los Arcos, Nine Elders area in front of Abandoned Train, Las Brujas Cottage, Fort Ghost area, four semi-permanents in Devil's Garden (the canyon). Yes
Raccoon Raccoon Both Large clearing just north of Williamson's Ranch, Lumberjack Woods, Pond Dungeon, east of Socorro Town and near Guttermouth Gulch, Witch Hack, Pancorbo's Route where it meets Sister Ingrid's Mine (around the rock with candles on it), Freeman Fort and the path from there to the bridge, the clearings under the bridge where the bandits halt, the first clearing on the right heading downhill from Assassins' Creek.
Sheep1 Sheep Both Four semi-permanents in the large clearing just north of Williamson Ranch (Crimson Corner), between Williamson's Ranch and Nine Elders, one semi-permanent inside the Abandoned Train, near Socorro Town, near the northern entrance of Sister Ingrid's Mine, and Witch Hack. Also found in Mission 31 of Cemetery Catacombs.
Skunk Skunk Both Near Guttermouth Gulch, Camalada's Cemetery, Socorro Town, one semi-permanent in Lumberjack Woods, clearings under the bridge where the bandits halt, near Las Brujas Cottage, rarely around gullet of Los Arcos, Witch Hack.
Snake1 Snake Arizona Red Plains Desert, Abandoned Train, Las Brujas Cottage, Aspa Hill area where the Boar icon is, and scattered around. Four semi-permanents spawn North of Fort Malanoche. They will attack foxes within thier proximity. Yes
Vulture Vulture Arizona Prosperidad, Fort Ghost, rocks near Aspa Hill, north of the Outlaw Camp, and scattered around. Remember to look up - they might be in flight. Also, although they scare less easily than Crows, they can still take flight while on the ground, so approach carefully.
Warg2 Warg Oregon Freeman Fort and Dead Oak Forest exclusively. Civilians will attack it when within proximity. Only if provoked

ImScared Animal red eye


Keep in mind that the green square symbols on your map show up when plants for your currently active quests are nearby. Go to the individual pages for maps of specific locations.

Image Name Location
Arizona Sunflower Arizona Sunflower Scattered around Arizona.
Blueberry Blueberries Scattered around Oregon.
Spiny hackberry Spiny Hackberries Scattered around Arizona.
Strawberry Strawberries Dead Oak Forest and scattered around Oregon.
Purpledelphinium Purple Delphinium Flower The downhill area near Assassins' Creek and scattered around Oregon.
Saguaro Blossom Saguaro Blossom Arizona only.
Tigerlilyplant Tiger Lily Flower Pond Dungeon, Freeman Fort, and scattered around Oregon.
Wild Apple Wild Apple Behind Fort Malanoche, beside Williamson's Ranch, and scattered around Arizona. One north of the Train Station.


  • In some missions, aggressive animals appear when not supposed to, such as Magic Herbs.


No. Name Description Outro Icon
4 Top of the Food Chain Kill one animal of each kind. Man: The most vicious predator of them all. FB TopOfTheFoodx96

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